About Us

Welcome to the Policy Liaison Group for Housing Market & Housing Delivery, a collaborative platform committed to accelerating sustainable and impactful housing development through building a conducive and streamlined system that promotes housing delivery.

Our mission

To create vibrant and equitable communities where quality housing is accessible to all, aligning with individual needs and aspirations.

Encouraging Inclusive Housing Options

We believe that access to affordable and quality housing is a fundamental right that should not be dictated by socioeconomic status. We advocate for policies that promote mixed-tenure developments, including social housing, affordable housing, and private ownership, to ensure that housing options are accessible to all.

Streamlining Planning and Development Processes

We recognise that excessive bureaucracy and regulatory hurdles can impede the development of much-needed housing. We work with policy makers to identify and address these challenges, advocating for a streamlined and efficient planning and development process that empowers developers to build more housing units. Together, we can work towards a future where everyone can access sustainable, quality housing.